Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Monday, September 23, 2013

the worst vulnerability hangover of my life.........

this was really worth the listen............ omg............ honesty is really refreshing.  Love this woman's insight!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Larry Norman - Live At The Elsinore - 2005 [FULL]

Dang He can bring it home............ such the brokenness - such the raw..............  gotta hear it all to understand the tapestry he was weaving ............     thanks for the honesty Larry.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Aurora Australis and the Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo, New Zealan...

I was at this little church whilst in New Zealand. Wish i would have been there to have watched this all night!
I love the Heaven Singing Light!!!!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

i've been Goosed Wildly- so take a gander..

I've been "Goosed" wildly this year.   Phil Wyman i'm sorry i didn't get your permission before i blogged the pic- but it was such an encapsulating moment.  

Wild Goose for me was a touch and go quest.  I was staying in NZ with those infamous Jones. (tallskinnykiwi)  However, re-injured my neck and arm and had to come back to the States.

I contacted Steve Knight with the basic request of -  "what are your rates for a homeless, nomadic, somewhat apostolic  -couch surfer that is injured and still wants to come to the Goose"-  
I've been on the periphery in this ongoing "CONVERSATION" since 1998...... and have met Steve only once; yet having a really good ongoing cyber dialogue for now years! This man went above and beyond just to get my scrappy arse there!

Steve was stellar and quickly got me hooked in with some amazing peeps and even picked me up from the airport and Drove me to the Goose!-  come on-  that's deserves some mega kudos and props!  

I landed in pain and a bit draggy, only to find Steve and Holly were there in a flash and pulled up - just when i was about to light up!  
There were old and new hugs and a few cheek kisses.

I originally stayed at "The Garden House"- that was filled with so many warm hearts and questioning minds.   i wish i took more pictures of these folks as they truly were a breath of fresh air to my soul. 

I thought i'd mostly stay on the periphery of Goose antics.

  That was kinda hard as the first night was baptized into some good wine and beer, with a wee dram involved.  Crackers, Cheese and Conversation are some of my favorite C's in life. So communion and baptism took place in some parallel universe in Hot Springs.

i had three senses going on in my Spirit though:
1) a sense of safety even if someone got angry. This tent was big enough to refrain from judging and still maintain a space of peace if things got messy.
2) something that happened on that land was sad and symbolic as to where the event was taking place.
3) i'd been thru some serious crap this last year and didn't know how i was going to respond to a "christian event"- no matter how clever or comfortable the sub-titles seemed to be.

Well, the first sense was re-affirmed many times.  I saw people confronted with their fears and issues and instead of getting angry, they took a step back to re-evaluate.

The Second Sense about the sadness on the land - 
Apparently, this space was used as a German Prison Camp and there were remnants of their walls still baring history.

I was struck by the contrast of prison walls vs our freedom in Christ.  

And remembered those that "sold themselves into slavery" 
; whilst singing a Moravian anthem.  

The concept of social justice took me on a whip lash turn;  Ok, reoriented. 

Then Chip and Terry jumped in and offered me a place to crash for the rest of the event!  What a freaking blessing they were.... such stories of their walk with Jesus and how they have been on a  journey together.  Then a really cool "night cap" of more peeps such as Micky and KC gang. (dam that sounds like a 70's rock group. ;-)   

It just got richer.  Richer in texture and softness. 

The rest was a blur of mineral baths, really good vibes, great talks, old and new friends, decent beer & wine and some "busting chops", "ribbing" or whatever else good old "taking the Michael" out of someone means these days.

Gotta say that the "speakers" went way beyond gracious with just talking with people after they did their spiel and were obvious already poured out a bit far.

I wish the "Elder's" part of it all was a bit more center time zone and not so early in the morning, because i think it deserved better press with it's caliber of veterans.

i still felt myself being drawn to the periphery of the theater. 

But there were the most profound conversations there.
So much so that it reminded me of how these types of events do have their headliner draw cards; but the quality of those that attend those events are just as stellar, if not more so in the humility/ humanity grass roots standpoint.

I'm grateful to the people i had the privilege of encountering.

I'm looking forward to the ongoing conversations and couch surfing landing points of amazing contacts.

I'm still struggling about some of the views that were shared as my foundational structures make themselves evident. (what can i say, but i like Philippians 2:12...)

The third sense i had of not being sure how i was gonna respond to a "Christian Event"- no matter how clever or comforting the subtitles was absolutely correct.

I wasn't sure how i was gonna respond at all.  
But that really didn't matter much as people did take me at face value and understood when i said, "i'm not sure what my take is on that topic, but i'm exploring it."

i could go on about the music, talks, food and oh yeah, the rain; but there are all those YouTube vids in which to gander.

I'd say go listen to some sound bits and full talks and make your own conclusions.  

It blessed me beyond measure and i'm sure i'll be weighing that out over the next few months of processing.

Thanks to all that helped make it happen for me with rides, food, landing points and a lot of grace.

shalom and love,


Thursday, September 05, 2013

Waiotapu Wonderland, Rotorua, NZ Hot and Steamy New Z!

This video really just made me miss the Kiwi Cheek.
I loved "Kerosene Creek" in Rotorua-  which was the hidden and free place to be.
This was NOT a free place, so budget dictated and i'm watching this video.
However, it's making me wonder about paying a fee in order to put yourself at risk of a flying superheated pie of mud in the face.
Ok New Zealand, i officially miss thee.