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BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More of the Journey

I actually finished a long update and when i went to post it was gone... so seems like i hit a glitch in the matrix. So the question as to re-type and re-formulate what i had written or start from scratch.
It's a rainy day here in Montueka and all 7 of us are in Maggie (the truck) and most of 'em are watching a movie on the laptop. Thankfully Andrew and Debbie have a solar panel and it recharges things like laptops and phones.
it's been 2 months since coming aboard this proverbial missional ship and it's been glorious and challenging all at the same time. Captains Debbie and Andrew are stellar in their positions and the dialogues that ensue as to "where to go and when" are quite hysterical. i am enjoying the fact that i am NOT in control as to when and where we go; as it's a bit freeing for my soul.
They are battening the hatches so to speak in getting Maggie more rainproof as well as getting a wood burning stove installed. Debbie's mantra: WARM AND DRY It's a work in progress; as New Zealand winter is at the door. The mornings usually are early; as power for lighting at night is limited; it's amazing what that does to your circadian rhythms, Debbie's brain works quite well in the morning and she is up and thinking quick on her mental feet. I hear her spouting her ideas as to how to fix this and that and what are the priorities of the day. It's normally then i start the 63 hand crank turns for the coffee grinder to make 2 cups of amazing coffee. You see my brain does not work well when it's not had a bit of caffeine and a ciggy. Usually it's then when i hear Andrews voice wafting from the loft "where's my dam coffee". Tis an ongoing joke as everyone is very polite in asking for things and British in the ways of starting a sentence with an apology.

We are presently in a Trailer Park that shares land with horse stables, where they are daily training people in jumping. Along with the jumping there is an air field where there is parasailing and parachuting !!! It's 180 to jump out of a plane.. and i'm truly considering it! (would that be the ultimate in throwing money out the window or a true leap of faith? i'm not quite sure.

Jenna and Sam have gotten their own caravan and are traveling with us on and off and it's been much fun going exploring small and obscure towns. The commentary on quirky art spaces and visioning for the next season has gotten my brain thinking of all sorts of ideas.

There are phrase's that one only hears when traveling with the Jones...
1) where's my chicken? (which is Debbie's purse that is actually in the shape of a chicken)
2) who's got fluffy? (which is a blue oversized fluffy blanket that Coco picked up at an opt shop for a few dollars)
3) lean right or left ( when getting in the bottom lockers that hold all our gear that is not of immediate use) That being said, Andrew's stuff is sufficiently strewn across pretty much everything, and though it's directly in front of his face, he will forever be asking "where is the/my...... and the list is ongoing)
4) lemon down..... (when anything, not just a lemon is tossed from a cabinet or bungee corded object that gets tossed by Andrews ability to find the biggest rockiest hill to climb!) Sorry Andrew but you have no idea how much the back end of this Truck gets tossed about as you are sitting in the front cab driving!
5) pass me the elephant or cockroach..... (2 big oversized beanbag chairs that are filled with the kids bedding and once morning in upon us, turn back into big stuffed chairs or pillows.)
6) Where's my dam coffee? Followed by " get your own dam coffee"

I will say 7 people with limited space lends itself to internal introversion and endless kitchen ordering and dishes. (limited space is defined as 1/4 of the size of a small NYC studio apartment)
My sleeping quarters consist of a bed behind the cab that also carriages the electronics, back packs and numerous hats from their travels. Presently posted is a magazine photo of a glass of wine being poured with the words "in vino veritas" since the girls are learning Latin. There are also a bunch of pictures up with other various Latin phrases to increase recall. (home schooling in a house truck is quite clever!)

Well, that's a wee look into the daily life on the road. I shall post more when i find wifi. For now i'm unplugged from my typical life of work, house payments and taxes. I'm visioning for the next season and i think it's not gonna look much like the first part of my journey. HINT: Looking for airstreams and i'm not discussing the weather.
shalom to the deepest!

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    Couldn't find your email.
    Yah Austin was hard eh? Very confusing all around. Let's just move on and go on to that fun bit we used to talk about. Let Abba and our Jesus do the sweeping and airing out. I hope u are well. Or at leafy totally enjoying your beach time!