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BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deluge JONES style!

Just had the honour of hosting the Jones’ (aka TallSkinnyKiwi & fam), this past week.  
T’was a thick 5 days of “Tribe Touchin”, filled with food, fun, deep convo, punching play, the mini row and even included Amy Chapman’s birthday party; with STONEY’s new EP... “THE SOAR BEFORE” in crescendo!  (Love you girl... you are soooo walkin in the beauty!)  
Nothing like a party thrown by the Chapman’s ... SERIOUSLY!!!!... and Mark... that EP absolutely SMOKES DA HOUSE OUT!   (both Amy’s party and Mark’s new EP deserve their own special blog post actually!- will get on those two, shortly.)
Gotta say though, as per the JONES’s,  i really don’t think these guys get enough credit for what they do.  I don’t know anyone quite like them.  Ummm 5 kids, 2 adults and the random ragamuffins that often just pile in their rolling house- geezzzzzzzz they touched 23 countries this year alone!  (or was it 24, i’m bad with numbers and tend to loose count!)  

Spreading some thick Jesus love in what i would consider NYC cream cheese style on a warm onion and garlic bagel!  (Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my Tummy and i feel like a-lovin you!) *** yes, yes, Ohio Express- 1968!
I love their Kingdom expression of Grace...  they really are living it not just yapping about it.  
They rolled up in the “brady-bunch” wagon ... (really, it looks like it, no joke!)   Thus began the deluge, (well, that was the word i got on it in the Spirit) ; so the ocean of love swelled and rolled and we just played in the fray for a few days and the sand is still stuck in my shoes.
Really was a full house though, Paul Pleasant came in, as did Jenna White and Becky Garrison got in on the tail end of the goods.  So the body count strewn over air mattresses, couches, futons and floor was 11 including Phil and myself.  We got to feel what this home/kingdom space could hold and actually now understand that it can hold even more!  (love those stretching moments- made me think that we really have a TARDIS here, bigger on the inside!)  

There were a few i was REALLLLLLLY missing though.... 

Brian & Whitney, Jen & Fran, Jessica, Lizzy, Teresa, Brandon & Julia, Stephen and Sarah, and Shannon- so consider this guys as a hug sent your way.... 
It was a really rich time of convo as well.  Andrew you absolutely MUST... no if’s, and’s or butt’s about it... when you speak ANYWHERE.. have a podcast going...  you hold way too much wisdom and knowledge that is in dire need of expounding upon.  So dude, GET OVER YOURSELF!  Build that bridge will ya!-

AND... speaking of WISDOM... Debbie, you don’t get off easy, girl! 
                     What a frigg’in wealth there!  Get DRAWING and get TALK’IN! 
What stories to tell, what love to spread, what Joy to go viral!!!!
(just remember the image of that “draw bridge” - God loves to PUN... and the creaking sound i was making at both of you!)  K- nuff said! xo
I think the thing that always gets me ... when this crazy Tribe touches is the incredible amount of rich deposit in the Spirit that is carried.  Such a wealth of goods & Kingdom bootie! 
It happens in an organic fashion, where not everyone has to be in the same room, just that we make room, to touch in Coffee Shops & each other’s homes.  (still longing for the day though that we can all go on a rafting trip- level 5 like, and BE together in some action adventure!- just my lil secret desire there!)
So presently, with an Irish Coffee in hand as i’m typing this... 
I’m toasting to ya all in Lagavullin, Ardbeg, Highland Park & Famous Grouse - QUAICH like fashion!
Here’s to L’Chaim and it being poured out and drunk “neat”  Together!
much love guys,

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  1. Jessica@Sweetnotions.org9:53 AM

    Glad you got a taste of that thing you've been being prepared for and desiring. I miss(ed) you too...much love, will see you this weekend, looking forward to it.xx PS- how bout that mix I asked you for, would you mind?