Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy Spirit Breakout: Week 3

on the time marker of about 2:30... that's Melissa Helser sharing what her little 2 year old was banging on the keys and yelling... awesome word..... oh, then afterwards, there is Jonathan... ( i soooooo love those guys) what's making me laugh is Steve Thompson.. (guy with the blond hair.. yelling Thank you.... ) Steve never looses it... he's pretty conservative most of the time.. so --- love it when he gets the juice..... - folks i know this Ministry, .. was there for years........... this is some goooooooooood juice!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

David Ford - The Queen And The Soldier [Live]

I've blogged on this early this month...... Susan Vega wrote it.... and i met her down on Bleaker in the 80's- i've loved her stuff and she is amazing... and a cool chick over far tooo many beers..... but..........
I really liked this version from the Male perspective... kinda takes the Authority to a new level...... You can read my commentary on it... with the original version if you scroll down..
But wanted to post this, cuz it's good.......... and real........ and it's nice to see it go to the next level.. in new generations and the like.

Emergent-sees....... put a condom on the convo!

Ok..... since there is a lot of hub bub.... or hubba bubba going on in some of the sexual issues in the Emergent Church... perhaps we should put a Condom on it! guess- "getting a grip" on things - wouldn't be a good way to phrase it.

robbin williams - bible miracles 1

OK.... here's some more.... sometimes ya gotta take the lighter side of things.... and then of course, this just might be my sick sense of humor coming out.. --------- this DOES make me laugh.

Jesus' Life via Robin Williams'

Ok... some might cringe.. - but for me... there is just toooooo much material here not to play ......... gotta love it. so TRY to enjoy...
I love Robin Williams - there are some places American Humor can go and get away with..... blessings.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Transforming Theology wants YOUR voice!

Alright, who's got the greatest Cheesy Anointing... Tripp or Tony?
I think you guys need to give a prize to "the least of these"- first shall be last shin dig.
Not for Nothing guys, "you have an incredible opportunity to interact with 40 of the top theologians of the world" - you're making it sound like someone could win the Theological LOTTO! I know, i know... you're both pretty cheeky... and there is a grin on my face while i'm rolling my eyes! I like the aspect that you're keeping it somewhat light/lite! So let the games begin!

Just for me, ---my 20 cents (inflation you know)- Relationship in and with Jesus is not based on intellect- since perfect praise is on the lips of babes. Taking every thought captive, and threshing/fleshing it out IS important, because in relationship you want to Know deeper. I want to Epiganosgo God at the core.... of my heart/spirit, soul and ...... MIND.

Tripp and i have joked on many occasions (and thanks Tripp, for the kudos and your favorite "Cathryn" story on one of the "early" beginning of Homebrewed Christianity pod-cast.- you did make me chuckle! - i digress) But Trip and i have joked and in a good natured way,about some of the "heady" aspects of "Emergent"... I have a difficult time with the idea that "Theology" can transform the world.... i think that is rendered to one thing only and that is the Love of God. I don't think anything can be compared to that, and anything that rises up to a lofty place above that... will fall. When theology becomes the primary focus, then theology becomes idolatry.

That being said, i do have an appreciation in the contending, Israel means ... "one who contends with God" - and that is where i see theology playing out, and perhaps we need to wrestle with the Angle of the Lord on that, and perhaps, though i doubt it.... we won't come out limping.

My other thought on the matter of theology is that it is an ART form, it's not a science. I think of van Gogh's painting and the torment....the wrestling ... the need to "get it out" to paint what he saw, the interpretation of impressions encapsulates Theology in my eyes.......a form of God's Expressionism on the Earth...

The thing about Vincent van Gogh that really presses on my heart, is that the greatest encourager of his life was his brother Theo. (friend or gift of God)- perhaps we have to put the Theo back in the ology- the Friend and the Gift part of it all -

Keep painting on that huge Canvas guys... Keep making ART with words and fumbling with God's big Kinetic Rubik's cube. Love without Thinking. Cathryn

In the Deluge -

It's been a deluge of sorts - Government - Economy- National new in general.... plus Global shifting and grounds rumbling. (Israel) I'm sitting on my couch with my dogs playing and i'm avoiding the "hooooooovering" cuz it seems semi pointless- with Joy (our new puppy) dragging in leaves, sticks, stones, and other random objects on to my living room carpet. The last 2 days, Austin the winds been blowing pretty strong and there are already hints of spring wafting in on the Cedar pollen.

guess with spring cause Change- and there seems to be so much of it. ---

For me, i start a new job in a Rehabilitation unit at a local hospital here in Austin. I can look out the Rehab window and see the Capital building- which feels sorta prophetically significant. From an honest heart space, i haven't done a 8-5 mon-friday schedule in a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG time- and i'm not really good at it. So if you're nudged reading this blog today, fire up a prayer for my ability to actually go to sleep early enough to get up early enough. I usually, don't sleep till 2 or 3 AM- my body/mind/spirit cycle is a night owls in a early bird gets the worm system- so i'm a bit hesitant in all of it, but i guess Abba's up to something... just so up His Celestial sleeve... than i can't see right now.

guess the Blogosphere is all a buzzing and twitter is a tweeting- thoughts, ideas, some bickering and some on their specific rant. I've got some thoughts on things sent to me- and i'm pondering some tweets... but i think i just really want to get doused by a Waterfall of Glory and get some heavenly perspective on it.. some Holy Spirit wisdom and perhaps loose some of my reactionary flesh.. before engaging. So if i'm quiet, for a bit, i'm tapping into the frequency of Heaven, soaking and setting my heart on things above for some time.
--------------- oh, yes, that's me breaking the barrier rules at a park in the Mountains of NC... i just wanted to get under the waterfall... however the picture doesn't show it.. but it was a long way down and i was VERY close to the edge...... enough so that my dear friend Rebecca was crapping a small brick and cringing.

Blessings ya all! cathryn

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Part 2-Phyllis Tickle and Peter Rollins discuss Emergence Christianity

I do so love this part... Pete's got a handle on some cool parts on Traumatic events. - and Phyllis is just brill.......
blessings ya all..........

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Songs of Water

Since Mark Berry sent some shout outs.. i thought i'd share a bit of Songs of Water... they are dear ones... and they are amazing!