Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A Horse called Shofar.......

So today i have a guest Blogger- not my usual.. but this is a cool word that my friend got from Jesus- she will be known as Ms. Smith. I'll just post and let ya all get the download.......----------

Sunday I was trying to catch my horse and he kept running away. I could see that he’d been kicked and there was dried blood all the way from his shoulder down to his hoof. All I wanted to do was to catch him, tend to his wound and feed him, but he refused. I’d been pursuing him for at least an hour when he pressed one mare one time too many and she lashed out and kicked him where he’d already been injured. His entire body went rigid and for a moment he looked like he was going to fall over. I could see he was in excruciating pain but there was nothing I could do. I watched helplessly. It still took 10 minutes to catch him after that. He was shaky by the time I got to him. I took him to the creek and bathed his wound and as I washed it God began to speak to me. I want to tend the wounds of my children and feed them, but they disobey and are wounded again and again. All I can do is watch and call to you. My heart is torn every time you are wounded. I weep for you and call you. Come to me and let me tend your wounds and feed you good food.

Today while I was chasing my horse around the pasture God started to speak to me. I was so frustrated and felt helpless. The pasture is huge….there are 16 horses and just when I’d get close to him he’s slip away from me. God began to point out how what Shofar was doing was what we often do. He would watch me…always turning to see where I was, but whenever I got close, he’d turn away. He would hide behind other horses. Very soon they began to get irritated with him and would kick at him and try to bite him. This is what God told me – I pursue you every day and more often than not you turn away from me. You don’t want to give up your ‘freedom’ to come close to me. The closer I try to get to you the more you turn to other Christians to speak to you instead of listening to my voice. After a while those Christians begin to become irritated because they sense your disobedience and don’t want to be a go-between. So you feel rejected and begin to seek like-minded people. You begin to ‘follow the crowd’ whichever way they go, you go, avoiding me. I call after you and you look. You turn and watch for me, but when I get close, you turn away. I look like a fool and people watch you and wonder what kind of God you serve that you can turn away from me so easily. You flirt with me. You make eyes at me, but you don’t want to be intimate. You watch me and want to see what I’m doing and even want to be a part of it, but you don’t want to be touched by me. Until you are ready to submit to me whole-heartedly you will continue to live in confusion and doubt. I am always here waiting for you to turn to me and give yourself to me completely. I will pursue you until you give yourself completely to me or until you die. You are mine and are not risking hell, but you are missing the very best that I have for you. There is so much more revelation, more joy, healing, redemption, miracles to be seen and experienced. The wealth of heaven is yours to have if you will give yourself completely to me. Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth.

After God had spoken to me the man who owns the pasture drove up on his gator and we ran Shofar’s legs off. Again God spoke to me – you feel you get no rest? I will give you no rest as long as you flirt with me. I am a tireless lover. Yes, I have servants who will assist me, who will drive you until you turn to me and submit. They too love you and desire to see you walk in fullness. Don’t run away! There is peace and rest in my arms.

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