Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)

Ok... i'm way over due for a proper post... this new job really has me hammered. I'm grateful for the work, but sheesh. i don't think i was ever made for the Normal 8-5 M-F with an hour commute each way... but hey, ...... like i said, i'm trying to be thankful and i grumble my way to the coffee pot in the morning. but this had me cracking up... i know, i know, how little amuses me these days.... but i can't blog my patient treatment care, and TBH, some of that is hysterical! So enjoy....... I did.

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