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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Transforming Theology wants YOUR voice!

Alright, who's got the greatest Cheesy Anointing... Tripp or Tony?
I think you guys need to give a prize to "the least of these"- first shall be last shin dig.
Not for Nothing guys, "you have an incredible opportunity to interact with 40 of the top theologians of the world" - you're making it sound like someone could win the Theological LOTTO! I know, i know... you're both pretty cheeky... and there is a grin on my face while i'm rolling my eyes! I like the aspect that you're keeping it somewhat light/lite! So let the games begin!

Just for me, ---my 20 cents (inflation you know)- Relationship in and with Jesus is not based on intellect- since perfect praise is on the lips of babes. Taking every thought captive, and threshing/fleshing it out IS important, because in relationship you want to Know deeper. I want to Epiganosgo God at the core.... of my heart/spirit, soul and ...... MIND.

Tripp and i have joked on many occasions (and thanks Tripp, for the kudos and your favorite "Cathryn" story on one of the "early" beginning of Homebrewed Christianity pod-cast.- you did make me chuckle! - i digress) But Trip and i have joked and in a good natured way,about some of the "heady" aspects of "Emergent"... I have a difficult time with the idea that "Theology" can transform the world.... i think that is rendered to one thing only and that is the Love of God. I don't think anything can be compared to that, and anything that rises up to a lofty place above that... will fall. When theology becomes the primary focus, then theology becomes idolatry.

That being said, i do have an appreciation in the contending, Israel means ... "one who contends with God" - and that is where i see theology playing out, and perhaps we need to wrestle with the Angle of the Lord on that, and perhaps, though i doubt it.... we won't come out limping.

My other thought on the matter of theology is that it is an ART form, it's not a science. I think of van Gogh's painting and the torment....the wrestling ... the need to "get it out" to paint what he saw, the interpretation of impressions encapsulates Theology in my eyes.......a form of God's Expressionism on the Earth...

The thing about Vincent van Gogh that really presses on my heart, is that the greatest encourager of his life was his brother Theo. (friend or gift of God)- perhaps we have to put the Theo back in the ology- the Friend and the Gift part of it all -

Keep painting on that huge Canvas guys... Keep making ART with words and fumbling with God's big Kinetic Rubik's cube. Love without Thinking. Cathryn


  1. I sure hope I have the most cheese in my anointing.

    I like theology as art. Of course good science comes near art, but none the less all the deep thinking, praying, metaphor making, and reflection only becomes theology if it inspires a love-filled life. Theology that doesn't move the church isn't theology. It is idolatry or at best, really good poetry.

    Emerge on

  2. i'd like to know who decided WHO was on the TOP 40 Theologians list?! THANK G-D there are women represented.Are their minorities as well this go around?

    i also get what you are saying. Theological/intellectual masturbation usually serves to stroke egos more than how we live out our faith. i think theological discussion IS important and a part of a holistic faith. i really hope that this is successful at bringing BIG academic terminology down to an every person language so it is available to the masses rather than a few intellectuals who sit up on high.

    Warm Regards,


  3. I don't know Tripp, I think Tony might have you on the cheese factor. That's one of the things I love about him. LOL