Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So i had this idea.... to update info on my blog...

Well with all the packing and moving (twice in the last 4 months!)- i thought it was time to tidy up my blog a bit and add/delete a few things. So if you take a gander to your Right- and down a bit... I've updated:

(Tribe- Family of Friends)- because some of my dearest are singers/songwriters/musicians.... you will note (no pun intended) the word MUSIC next to their names. Thankfully, some of 'em, have added a MySpace/Music - so now it's pretty easy to hear what is up and what is new. (i've been severely blessed by being able to hear most of 'em since they started jamm'in out- and many who were once in that "bad hair cut" stage of their musical endeavours - which is a Stephen Roach quote, though i don't ever recall him in that light, even when he was banging on his plethora of instruments at wee hours in the morning, (while i was trying to sleep i might add!)- thankfully, i'm a night owl- but at that point i had to be at work pretty early. (since then i've modified my working hours to accommodate my late night rambling and musing) So if i could be a Elbow here... go grab some tunage - and if you like it.... (or love it)- bless them by sending them some MOOLA and buy a new CD!

The other's on that list, are dear ones as well, and keep a on line journal of sorts- well worth the gander. Of course, mostly everyone is on FaceBook these days, my friend Amy Chapman calls that "the worlds biggest Front Porch"- which i would whole-heartedly agree. - however this stuff is a bit more in their Kitchen over a good pot of coffee.

I've also added "NOSHING ON BLOGS" section - Just a fast reference as to who i read. (some more than others)- but it was a way to "get the word out" on some folks that are pondering and laboring in Kingdom Fields. (and i promise to add more links in my posts- thank you Andrew- or at least point over to the right side of the page)

Well the Blog is a work in progress, as is our lives. I'm pondering a collective blog with a few of my "BodyWorker" friends.. from a Medical/ holistic / arts space- it's bounced a round long enough in the back of my head and is causing my fingers to chomp at the bit - However - that is a more personal interest thang and in discussion with some of my fellow "laying on of hands and often elbows" crew- it might prove interesting. There is so much from the New Age aspect of that.... that we have been discussing the Spirit space and Dunimus aspects of Skilled Touch with prayer. More on that later, hopefully.

shalom ya all,
to the deepest places!
xo cathryn


  1. ...hello!

    ...and thank you for inviting me to be a Facebook friend

    ...good to see you are in Austin

    ...our daughter, Shannon, lives there, and we will be there for several days the weekend before Christmas

    ...we may have to do coffee

    ...blessings, and thanx!!!

  2. aww thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!
    Yeah that would be awesome to do some coffee... (not like Austin doesn't have it's overload of coffee shops)- or we have a lil coffee/tea bar here at our home.. so whatever works !!!!!!!!!!!! would be cool.

  3. 15+ and "peaty", huh! Ye' must be a Laphraiog lass! I knew ye had some Celt in ya!
    Neat with a water back? Or are ye a wee-delicate one who needs to cut it a bit with some sweet spring water from the' Highlands?

  4. Ardbeg is my fav at the moment, and always neat for the most part........ Yet i still love a good Long Island Ice Tea..... 5 clears! I've done a very small ice cube on occasion - very rare.. - so i've got a Celt side- very much soooo I'm part irish - part israeli - so i guess that means i can't be psycho - analyzed - esp. if i have a weapon in my hands.. and it takes a bit to get me even slightly buzzed! Makes for interesting convo's though.... and tends to piss off the religious spirit.
    xo cat

  5. Slainte to pissing-off the religious spirit!

  6. Ha! Ha! i want to learn that language! --- and toasting right back atcha!