Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Friday, August 15, 2008

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

just that i remember when it first came out........ and it remains ...............


  1. Great to find another Jesus Freak!
    Read your response on ZoeCarnate re: Todd Bentley. Love your gentle, provoking sarcasm!
    Great to meet you on The Journey.

  2. thanks Michael- blessings bro!

  3. Hi Cat!
    Read your response to "Nat" and I hope your words will provoke a paradigm shift for all who read them. My heart's cry in all the melee that has occurred is:
    "Where is the Love and Grace?!?"
    For all those who relish in "slicing -n- dicing"; Give they no thought to what they have done when they take communion? 1 Cor. 11:17-29 is more than just proper protocol about eating and drinking.
    It's about how we treat each other, even when one knows they are completely right and the other isn't.

    I love your heart and feistyness.
    Keep passionately pursuing Papa God, Jesus and Ruach Kodesh.
    Shalom on the Journey . . .

  4. cathryn,

    Hello. After looking around your blog I can tell that you are quite sincere. I guess you have secured the moral high-ground when it comes to our dialogue (at least within your own social context--I am admittedly an outsider). Good luck with 'the conversation', oh, and by the way you nailed your opinion on our old door at wordpress. We've moved to . See ya around.