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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shuddabudahunday- EggsAlaJesus-Herminisanunnick

Ok, this might come off as a "Kvetch" (and no that is not a word in tongues- check yer Yiddish)- but it's been pressing a bit for some time now. I've been wondering about the term that is thrown around in Emergent/Emerging circles... known as "THE CONVERSATION". Which for the most part i love, because that would be the ideal in a wondrous perfect world, that we could converse in this dialogue - pursing the "way of Jesus" and have that transcend into a missional dialogue of introducing relationship to God and His Bride. Bride being AKA "The Church" in all it's forms and facets- ( traditional corporate, home fellowships, love feasts, TRAINING TRAILS (yes, Shannon, like how i wedged that in there!), - basically, anywhere there are two or more gathered in essence and substance seeking His Will and Face.
That all being said, i'm really wondering about language in general.....

With all the "talk" of being church and doing church... I've been frustrated with language in the Convo....

This may not be a global thing, but it is here in the USA- an issue that i've had to confess and at times defend, when it comes to the actual words that are being used.

If it is indeed a conversation - then there shouldn't be a need, as there is in Charismatic settings on the "interpretation of tongues".... Words like exegesis - hermeneutics- orthopraxy- orthodoxy are all well and good in context and in a gathering of M-Div. students and collegues. However, when my husband, who is a highly intelligent male, feels like he can't come to a gathering, (like CoHorts) because he "doesn't feel like i fit there"- due to the word usage. I've canceled out a lot of what i had written, because i could have written for days!

If the "convo's" - and the all invite measure holds true ... for those who are seeking... then perhaps looking at how we are dialoguing might want to be addressed. If i brought a non-believer to some of the mtg's i've been to, i'd have to translate 75% for them, just so they might have a clue.

ps... i do love some of the deep stuff, even in discourse- but i'm putting it out there.
We might want to consider ............ Minding the gap spaces...........................

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