Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Home

Ok, so i've been really lame at posting.......... I admit it..... my bad.......... - but we are Finally in OUR HOUSE... (see nice lil pic) - It's a bit unobtrusive to the naked eye, and to be honest, i'm not into the green trim paint- but....... it's got some cool space on the inside and a really stoke'in back yard! It's been pretty full on with spending endless hours on my puter look'in for a home, while resisting the obligatory compulsive urge of sending it flying across the room due to frustration! It seems that the rest of the housing market is up shit's creek without a paddle, or even a boat..... but NOT in the Austin area. What we've found is that you need to make decisions pretty quick and have your crap in gear and ready to go. So it's been a whirlwind for the last 2 months, and way to many hours looking at "potential" homes, cross referencing the areas in approximation to friends, looking at highways and trying to avoid the nightmares (which is a tad hard in this area, not like it's NYC traffic or the like, just that whoever set up the road systems here, didn't know their Arse from a hole in the wall, and sooooooooooooo things jam up when someone sneezes in the wrong direction!)

It's summer, and it's bloody well HOT! We've broken more records in the last 3 months - average being 100+ most days, and on the slim chance we get below that, it's been high 90's. (between 35 and 39 Celsius for my UK friends)- thankfully it's "DRY HEAT" which is a bit more bearable than NC - which can get up there and 93 degrees in NC can feel like 100+ with the humidity. None the less, Texas sky is BIG and the light is a bit "whiter" and reminds me of Israel. In fact, where we are living, (lil area called Anderson Mill) is on the edge of the "HILL COUNTRY", which between the limestone and bent and twisting trees, really reminds me of being in the "Judean Hills"!!!!!!!!!!!! When i was in Israel in 2000, it was the first place, ever in my life, did i actually feel "at home"- so in someways, for my heart, it has that feel to it. Lake Travis is only a few miles up the road, complete with "Hippie Holler", (yes - you can swim nude there- and considering how i feel in a bathing suit, i'd much prefer that !)

We've had some fellowship fun, complete with Derek and Amy bearing lovely gifts - and a few that added to my "bar" collection. We have this cute 'lil bar in the main room, (not like the ones i grew up with - that were fully stocked and took up half the finished basement) but we've turned it into the Official "Coffee and Tea" bar, complete with a coffee pot and electric kettle- with the added plus of a stock of Scottish Whiskey - and "summer drinks" wear with all. - including a wine refrig.

I've had some time off, but i wouldn't call it "down time", cuz it's been filled with basically the "home search" and MOVING again, - (we rented for the first 3 months here... so it's been like an extended camping trip... cuz everything was in boxes, except what we "needed" to make it thru. Must give Derek and Amy mega Kudos, for finding that place, so we could land, and begin our home search. However, that means we've moved 2 times with all our crap in the last 3 months, which would knacker anyone out! (hence, my excuse for not posting, except for "you tube", that has provided hours of entertainment at wee hours in the morning!!!)

It took some time to "get up and running" our Internet, phone and cable - @ both places!--- so my communication has been minimal at best!

From our first weeks in Austin, complete with a Tornado and NOW pending Hurricane- has been kinda like that in the spirit and in the natural. - and i'm already looking forward to a bit cooler weather in September... but for now, the heat of August is looming. BUT-------------- it does feel like home on many levels. Actually, about 4 years ago when we were visiting Derek and Amy - was the first time, the thought of moving here entered our thoughts and hearts. Every time we have visited since, (which has been a lot)- the yearning of it has crested on my heart shores.

It's strange, because before North Carolina, i had moved a bunch of times, up and down the east US coast... but when i landed in NC, it's been quiet except for trips around and about. So for me it was the first "big move" in the last 15 years. It's been a stretch to say the least, but stress and stretch on a muscle is the only way it grows.. and stress on bones is the only way to keeping it strong and healthy. I guess it's felt like that.... not always comfortable and with some strain, but well worth moving those natural and spiritual muscles.

so Cheers, Salute and La Chaim!


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  1. Awesome. Glad you are getting settled. Stay Fresh. Have an elbow.