Blogging is a Moving Meditation.

BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soft Landing in Austin!

SOOOOOOO we landed in Austin last night.... and Paul Pleasant was our official welcoming committee!
I'm a bit brain dead from driving 21 hours in 2 days...... and glad to be sitting on something that is NOT moving!!! My dog Selah is alive and semi-happy she's just a sniff'in everything. (except Amy's Garden ;-) DnA are in California so we are staying at their house and Derek set a welcoming table for us.. complete with wine - chocolate - and a few designated items to make my heart warm and mushy.... i sooo can't wait to see 'em on Sunday!!! We can't move in to our temp housing till tomorrow - so today was our Sabbath! I've done about nothing but rest... water plants... rest some more.... It was 80 -ish and breezy today... Soft for the landing. We're hoping to meet some new friends tomorrow... cuz we need help getting the stuff OFF the Big Truck. Please pray for us on that one.....
We will be renting a house for 3 months (lease) - but need to be outta there by then or the rent doubles... and 2,500 is crazy to pay for housing... ummmm please pray for us on that one too.... OH heck... we just need prayers during this season of transition anyway!!!
I'm a tad too tired to blog... but wanted to shout out... we made it.

And a huge thank you to all those that helped us prep- box- pack- and loved on us!! It was felt deeply and i'm already missing some dear ones! But that pain is a good one... b/c the love is thick!!!!!!
More to come... i need to sit and journal some - God was talking thru most of the drive.... and the worship in the car was Kabod Heavy! Jonathan David Helser's new CD is out... and it's SMOK'IN with blue flame heat on it!!! Played it for 21 hours of the drive and released it over 6 States that we drove through!!! Changing the Atmosphere!!!
shalom ya all!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the MOVE...

Hey ya all-
Sunday Moving day was amazing- with more coming to say goodbyes- while grabbing a box and continuing to defy physics. Richard & Sue Garrett showed up .... (Greg's parents.... and well ... they were the "solid" couple that blessed our marriage on our wedding day!- WE needed some one - considering our family history) Richard .. i loved your rant on "the stupidest things i've ever done seen someone do"! Fred Nance came back for MORE- "bless his heart"-
LOL..... PS you can say "Bless his heart" to about anything in the South... even if it's..... tongue and cheek- Tis amazing!

Anyway... i've got more to post.. but way to exhausted to think... MORE "thank you'se guys" and accolades coming....

Just wanted to update quickly........
At present we are in MISSISSIPPI - and shoving off this morning... for another 10 hours or so of driving.....
Yesterday was a 10 hour haul- (after the 2 days of packing & cleaning)- so yes ---- i am more than tired-
I have my dog Selah riding shot-gun... and she is usually pretty good on travels... but hasn't been in the car for this long -EVER... and she tends to be realllly spiritually sensitive.... so each "big city" we pass .. she pops up and if she could "pace" she would! She is about 70 pounds of muscle... so when she thinks she is a "lap dog" while driving 75 miles an hour... it's a problem. Derek just thinks she hasn't been on a big spiritual adventure in a long while... so her "nose" physically and spiritually is whiffing what is whafting about! I've debated pushing her out the window a few times! (ok so i won't but it was tempting!)

we are off.... will post more of the journey later...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moving Tetris- part 1

OK well it's 2 AM- actually semi-early compared to how late the nights have been over the last few months... with 11th hour trials.... DnA- (Derek and Amy) taking some serious Recon ventures to get us in a space- we are sooo grateful! (that love is big!) They hooked us up with this Realtor Michael.. (sorry dude... i can't think to spell your last name.. but will put a proper blog post to sing your praises)- He put up with endless phone tag and without even KNOWING us... put up his own verbal dosh and worked some of his professional magic to see US through to a landing pad!

First phase of loading the HUGE truck is done---- rather amazing. I was and am astounded by God's goodness and grace. Julia & Brandon Willett came in from Charlotte- packing a punch of kick off energy that was fresh wind.

Jenna has been pushin & packin from last weekend to NOW! (Girl you are so a "lil zena" Warrior! you were and are my sneak in the cracks - gift of luv package- ) Between you and Angela- i was already Done in and cooked from last weekend Spirit Packed space. Angela Mills - bodyworker/massage therapist extraordinaire drove 5 hours from Virgina Beach- to pack.. clean... share... love on me.... then plowed thru my back (along with Jenna holding prayer space and sitting on my legs to keep me on the Table!!) before she had to turn around and drive back at wee hours of the morn... just to teach an Anatomy and Physiology class at FREAKIN 8 AM!!!) Angie... i will be forever grateful for your amazing loyalty - friendship- skills- You are the original Zena Warrior Princes in the Spirit!

OK back to today.... (now tomorrow already and i'm not sleepy... just awareness lookin and feeling stuff...... it's warm and good... but further true accolades pending..........-)

Fred Nance - one of my oldest and dearest (from the "good or occasionally - WINK... not so good ol days) came in with muscle and wisdom abounding. Dude you are still the best God with skin on hug around!!! Both Fred and Brandon played the most amazing game of packing TETRIS- it defied physics. (umm we still have more to pack... & MORE physics to defy- LORD HELP!)

Brian and Lydia Whitley breezed in with more good wind.. - we hadn't seen them in ages.. so they already had "other plans"- but honored us with hands and heart...while in route.... way to short- for my heart space- but both of 'em are incredibly efficient AND Lydia is GOIN to Massage School!- HA! That was a token to my heart! TOOOO FUNNY! HE's raising up Holy Spirit filled to take that body/ground space BACK! (no pun intended referring to what my back feels like at present- i'm gonna SORELY (ahem)- miss my jacuzzi bath!)

Amy and Seth Dean also came in from Charlotte- Seth became the 3rd Tetris player in the match of wisdom, spacial perception and wit! Amy - (well girl you have bailed my spiritual arse out enough times with your sword in the Spirit!! - all these years) pretty funny with the pantie liner & packing tape....that became my band aide - after i jabbed my right thumb while packing my knives.... (ummm packed all my medical supplies-- so there was nut'in to stop the bleeding)
Battle scar photo's to post after i download them..... but must say .... takes "feminine hygiene ingenuity" to a totally new level. (nuff said!)

Let's see.... then Carrie Greeson - MY WONDER WOMAN REALTOR and dear sis and fellow NUDGE in the Spirit- showed up with PIZZA at the most perfect timing! She has been amazing this entire process and put up with lots of my many mini-meltdowns! She has supplied sanity... PRAYER....peace... love...huge wisdom... and i stopped counting the bottles of wine - laughter- tears- fellowship.... friendship! YOU really do flat out ROCK! SOOO glad i got to see you function in your element from a professional space and still go to the deep places with me in the process. THANK YOU!

The next wave of Hands and Hearts are coming in tomorrow.... Greg Fisher (papagreg!) is driving up from Cary with some of his "kids"--- he is the most amazing Pastor to the Youth... as well as a bunch of different "hats" to wear. William Jordon is already on the couch! Fred is coming back in the morn as is Jenna... for the final pushes to get this boat shoved off shore!

From other spaces- i've soooo appreciated the phone calls, emails, "I chats", PRAYERS and "touch ins". (LOL- Stephen & Sarah, Jonathan & Melissa, Ken and Linda I know ya all would be here .. but God's got ya all over the freakin MAP this weekend- things are a movin on sooo many levels... can't wait for you guys to bring "A Place For the Heart" to Austin and release some of that Worship Wine!!!!)

For Phil and i this is huge and a stretch- but it feels like a destiny move... on personal and kingdom spaces. (though i know His Kingdom is personal/relational FIRST n FOREMOST!) -
I know that God said HE was building a Bridge from this area in NC to Austin TX- so looking forward to our first visit back already... and looking forward to "All YA ALL's". com'in and seeing what HE's up to!

I'm gonna try and get some sleep but wanted to Honor this Remnant Raggamuffin's labors and share my THANKS and LOVE.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Moving- Transitions and the ebb and flow!

OK.... well as you can see, i'm trying to pack my brain somewhere- because i keep loosing my mind in this process!!! Things are all floateeeeeee, swirling and a bit of a head mash! There are some didactic things that need to be sorted through with the move.... such as debating with the buyers - inspection issues and pending appraisal. All of which has my hypervigilant stress levels at a all time high.... never mind the thought of renting till we buy in the Austin area. I'm excited and yet frustrated- My friend Derek loves good choreography - but i guess in a birthing process of sorts, that can basically be thrown out the window (without throwing the baby out with the proverbial bath water)- Feels like a bit of a hurricane and the landscape is drastically changing. I love good storms....(if you've read my other post on the beach)- However- i really could use seeing Jesus walking on the water towards my heart boat. Wondering if Angels could actually help pack!
The exciting parts of my soul and spirit ebb and flow with thoughts of being around fellowship, music, art, new landscapes, and perhaps Derek will let me drive his HumV! Part of the vision is to create a healing space, where things can flow.... on deeper and wider levels. I know we carry parts of some amazing things here in NC- Morningstar, A Place For The Heart- Helser's space, Jonathan and Melissa's worship- deep waters. Some really cool friends- all are those that came in hard, hot and fast on the tarmac of God's runway. Some of the amazing emergent co-hort group here.... that have blessed my heart and head like crazy....
But HIS Kingdom is Higher, Wider, Longer and Deeper than we could ever hope to imagine- so i know there is more coming. Just transitions are filled with such flux and seemingly instability... I'm learning to trust Again and Again- despite my fickle and cynical heart.

Oh, i borrowed that pic Andrew.... just cuz it seems fitting.... in a cheeky sorta way.

5-7They broke into Jason's house, thinking that Paul and Silas were there. When they couldn't find them, they collared Jason and his friends instead and dragged them before the city fathers, yelling hysterically, "These people are out to destroy the world, and now they've shown up on our doorstep, attacking everything we hold dear! And Jason is hiding them, these traitors and turncoats who say Jesus is king and Caesar is nothing!"
Well i kinda hope our reputation doesn't hold such drama...LOL
but i don't mind the testimony as to His goodness and radical way HE changes hearts!!!

Please keep us in Prayer ... we need it.
xo shalom & ahava!!!!!