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Thursday, July 05, 2007


This is Derek and Amy Chapman.... one of our dearest.... and i wanted to share what they are up to...
they are an amazing couple that carry big hearts and vision for the lives they touch and the cities in which they vest their time. If you want to go to their link... check out the Tribe section of this blog.... and hit the D&A- The Chapman's link. If you want to help frame something amazing - please give.
Thank you... and bless you- Cathryn

Dear friends,

Some of you know that Derek and I have been involved with an arts project called Mangola. This project has so far gathered leaders from America and Europe, and we are going to host a festival and outdoor performance event in Austin next spring. Last October, we as a group prayed and walked the city, speaking with artists and thinking creatively about what kind of event would most challenge and bless Austin. The event we are planning will encompass music, film, visual art, and fashion, and we believe it will speak into Austin's identity in His kingdom.

Derek and I have long had a vision of events that have prophetic significance for cities; events which are not just held in a church but held in the public, and which engage the public to think about the future of their city. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and now home to the headquarters of major technology corporations. While being the government capital of Texas, it also is considered a cultural capital, with large resources given to film, dance, theater and music. As a haven of some of the most creative thinkers in America, it is also vulnerable to the things that artists are often vulnerable to: idols of entertainment, pornography, and depression are among some of the issues here. We want to hold an event that speaks into these issues.

We are holding a very important group meeting this August in France, where two of the leaders live. At this event we will pull together some of the final planning and strategy. We very much need your prayers that this comes together in God's way. It was a big decision to gather the leaders in France, as many of the Americans on the team have small resources to buy airline tickets.

We and the rest of the team are looking for some people who would be interested in becoming patrons of the arts--and patrons of these leaders, who are willing to come to France but lack the money to do so. Would you consider helping us?

We are hoping to raise $11,000, and have set up a website at:

It is very easy to pledge and donate online, using your credit card or checking account. If you want to help us and feel uncomfortable doing online donations, please let me know. We realize this is a lot to raise in a short amount of time but God can do anything, so we decided to try!

Thank you so much for considering this and we hope you all are having a fabulous summer! Please write us if you have any questions.

love and blessings,
Amy and Derek

p.s. Please feel free to forward this to someone who may know who is interested in supporting the arts!


Fundraiser website at:

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