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BLOGGING as a MOVING MEDITATION: Liminality's thin passage untangles as it weaves, fits in the ineffable nooks and crannies of my heart's prayer wall, like the cracks in pavement, mile markers on the road, windblown whimsical napkin poems written in eyeliner.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Resting Place

There is no place like His presence... where i can put my sword down... and just sit at His feet. We can do it when we are awake or asleep... for the Spirit NEVER sleeps. Thought i'd share a prophetic dream that i had semi-reciently.

In the dream, i was at a "New Age" conference... and there was a lot of stirrings in the 2nd Heaven warfare realms. This woman was giving a presentation on "How to be a GOOD medium"- to which i chuckled in the dream at the actual title... Good and Medium being in the same sentence. She started to channel this THING... and then tried to hand me a journal to write down what she was saying. (I declined of course)-

It was then that i saw Rick Joyner sitting in the corner and we nodded at each other, and sort of did that knowing eye roll as to what was being presented. It was then Rick sent out a Spirit message... for there were other believers there- and i could sense their questioning as to why God had stuck us in this New Age Mecca. The Lord showed me that it was a Spirit message and not of Soulish telepathic realm- so that only those who were HIS could hear it.

What Rick said in the dream was.... "Stay your positions, there is gonna be and opportunity to reveal the Real from the Counterfeit." Then the dream shifted, and Rick was speaking - standing on a soap box- and he began a short teaching. He said "This is the difference between the psychic and the prophetic." "The psychics read palms and the prophets read breastplates."

Immediately the Lord started speaking to my spirit and said... "palm reading is flesh, it is soulish and so what someone can tell you of your past, the enemy was there and saw that as well. However, the Breast Plate of Aaron was the twelve tribes and the stones represented their territory, callings and giftings in the Spirit. When you prophesy to one who is an unbeliever, you are prophesying their calling- heritage and destiny in ME. -Calling forth their true idenity in which they were fashioned and framed to walk."

"When you prophesy My Heart to one who is already mine, you must Always look thru the Breast Plate of Righteousness and see them thorough the righteousness of MY SON JESUS. You will then see more clearly and with My heart of compassion- descerning. Then you will see the breast plate of Aaron in a strikingly new light, speaking revelation."

The dream changed again and i was out in a river. It was very dark, the movement of the water was forceful and choppy. There were 12 others and we were trying to stay together. You could see each one, by the bright orange color of their "life jackets". I don't know who said it... or if it even came from one of the 12..... but we heard a voice that said... "take your life jackets off, for they could get caught up on things to the point that it could kill you." So we all took them off....and began to swim freely and letting the currant, though it was traveling at a swift speed take us. We went under a bridge- thick walls- like a train would be traveling above it. There were lines of demarkation that signifiied the depth of the water. It said 43 feet deep. I awoke and the presence of the Lord was thick in the room. It was so tangiable that i could hardly sit up. So i asked the Lord what did the "life jackets" represent. He said "it is the spirit of religion- doctrines- where the enemy has tried to restrict My Power". I thought of all the different religious templates and how in our own mind and understanding, we have limited by our predjudices and opinions, His ability to move freely by His Spirit.

I pressed in again for more light to this revelation. I asked what did the 43 ft deep water marker represent? He said Isaiah 43........ - i'll leave that to all the inquiring minds that want to know. For me.... i just wept.

on an aside note... As i further inquired and brought this word before a few of His servants. I learned from the Jewish perspective... that when the High Priest inquired of the Lord, concerning a question, the stones in the actual Breast Plate would glow. Each of the stones had a corrilating hebrew letter, so the Priest would actual READ the Breastplate. Selah!
To Dying Well Daily, Living like it's Worth it and LOVING FIERCELY,
Shalom, Cathryn

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